Sky Child Care

SkyChildCare is a SaaS cloud-based management system for day cares of all sizes, it powers over 2,300 centers and supplies parents a wealth of data. My role with SCC includes – User Experience Deliverables (Wireframes, Site Maps, Journey Maps, User Flow Charts & Storyboards) – Design, Production, and Management of all Web & Mobile Assets – Interaction Design with AfterEffects – Video walk-through of product mock-ups & stakeholder presentations – High & Low Fidelity Prototypes – Usability & Remote User Testing – Agile Development Environment – Marketing Design for business development (print, landing pages, banners, marketing site) – Working with developers to ensure design & interactions are kept as designed

Daily Report Parent View

15 Minute Tracker

This feature keeps track of all the classrooms ratios & students. The teachers can move children to and from classrooms to keep ratios in regulation

Dashboard - Ratios

Lesson Plans

This feature allows the center to create, edit, assign and schedule lessons plans

Lesson Plans - Curriculum
Lesson Plans - Class Plans
Lesson Plans - Schedules

Daily Report

This feature allows the center to enter all information about a child throughout the day and email a report to the parents.

Daily Tracker - Select Student/Class
Daily Tracker - Selected initial load
Daily Tracker - Filled Report

Marketing Site

Designed & programmed the WordPress Marketing site for SCC showcasing pricing, features, trial sign-ups and other great marketing tools.



  • UX/UI Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Mobile Designer
  • Developed under employment at SpinSys